Chocolate Making Lavels

Truffle Chocolate Making Courses

Truffle Chocolate Making Courses

Chocolate Truffles is a type of chocolate confectionary. Truffles are ultimate chocolate delight, and are made out of Cream & Chocolate. Centre part of trufflesis soft whileouter coating is done either with tempered chocolate, cocoa powder, shredded coconut, confectioner’s suger or finely chooped nuts.

CSDO Professional Truffle Making Courses

Practical part

  • Practical demonstration of making Flavored truffle (Strawberry Truffle, Vanilla Truffles, Green Apple Truffle, Orange Truffle, Pineapple Truffle, Mango Truffle, Lemony Truffle, Peppermint Truffle, Raspberry Truffle, Almond Truffle)
  • Practical demonstration of Nutty-Buddy Truffles (Rosted Almond Truffle, Preline Truffle, Caramelized Almond Truffle, Honey Almond Truffle, Rosted Walnut Truffle, Butterscotach Truffle, Cashew Nut Truffle, Pistachio Truffle, Hazelnut Truffle, Black Current Truffle, Fruit n Nut Truffle)
  • Practical demonstration of Liquor Truffles (Rum n Raisins Truffle, Vodka Truffle, Kalhua Truffle, Whisky Truffle)
  • Practical demonstration of Spicy Truffles (Cappuccino Cinnamon Truffle, Nutmeg Truffle, Cinnamon Truffle, Chilly Flake Truffle, Minty Flake Truffle, Five Spices Truffle)
  • Practical demonstration of Fruit Truffles (Orange Candied Truffle, Pinacolada Truffle, Mango Candied Truffle, Lemony Tangy Truffle, Fig Truffle, Ehite Chocolate Ginger Truffle, Christmas Truffle)
  • Practical demonstration of Tea Truffles (Jasmine Tea Truffle, Camomile Tea Truffle, Green Tea Truffle, Orange Tea Truffle, Lemon Tea Truffle)
  • Decoration On Truffles (Decoration Through Swirl and Piping Technique, Decoration of Traffle with Nuts, Desicated Coconut etc., Decoration of Truffles through Transfer sheets)
  • Presentation of truffles

Course fees : Rs. 7,500
Course duration : 2 days