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Want to start your own business without too much investment ? Want to learn how to do professional packaging of your chocolates ? Don’t know how to price your chocolates and market them? Then CSDO – the maker of entrepreneur is your savior !!!!!!

Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the most popular foods which also serves as a true indulgence for millions of people. Chocolate is rich in terms of its quality and unique and sweet in terms of its taste. Alongside, chocolate also has a number of proven benefits. Chocolate is probably the best-loved sweet treat of the world that features heavily on all kinds of dessert menus in all the big and small restaurants around the world. At the same time, chocolate is also used in a variety of inventive ways to add different kinds of textures, flavors, sweetness, and beauty to any existing plain dish.

The good news is that you can now discover the wonderful art of making chocolates with some of the most brilliant professional chocolate making classes in Delhi and these lessons will make sure that you master the concerned art with all the superiority.

A number of professional chocolate making courses in Delhi are going great guns wherein all the passionate chocolatiers have enrolled themselves for the sole purpose of mastering the skill of learning chocolates in all the existing forms. You can, too, enroll yourself in the professional chocolate making institute in Delhi to learn all kinds of chocolate making courses in an environment which is not only fun-filled but educative as well.

Professional chocolate-making course to give wings to your talent:

A course in chocolate making and chocolate designing from any professional chocolate making institute in Delhi will give you a basic insight into the unique, creative as well as professional aspect of chocolate. All the professional chocolate making classes in Delhi have their main focus on the theoretical as well as practical approach of chocolates and hence you can spend a great deal of time in learning different recipes having chocolate as a main ingredient and producing a variety of confectionary foods. The coursework in chocolate making not only focuses on teaching different kinds of recipes that involve the use of chocolates but teaching the art of making chocolates, decorating chocolates and using chocolates in various other dishes as well.

You can register yourself with any professional chocolate making course in Delhi only to watch yourself become a professional chocolatier in no time. These programs and courses on chocolate making vary in terms of their duration and training, and hence you can select the choicest one so as to suit all your needs and requirements.

Once a chocolatier, always a chocolatier:

If you have been spending your leisure time in the hobby of making different chocolates, here is an opportunity to take a step ahead and give this hobby a new shape. The professional chocolate making classes in Delhi are all set to teach you the art of making chocolates in different forms, designs, patterns, shapes, sizes and texture. Here, you can learn everything about your muse – chocolate and can turn this simple ingredient in some of the most delicious, good-looking and delectable wonders.

Professional chocolate making courses in Delhi offer different courses with different fee-structure. Choose the most suited course for you and get ready to learn and know everything about this sweet indulgence.

CSDO Professional Chocolate Making CoursesTheoretical part:

  • Introduction of chocolates: compound chocolates; chocolates and coverture and choosing of chocolate
  • Introduction of of mold and essence
  • Difference between hard centre and soft centre
  • Introduction about truffle and dipped chocolates
  • Styles of chocolate packing paper and choosing the paper
  • Knowledge of chocolate making machines
  • Knowledge of making chocolates for production purposes
  • Do’s and dont’s of chocolate making
  • Marketing and costing

Practical part:

  • Practical demonstration of making molded chocolates, plain chocolate bar : flavoured chocolate bar : dry fruit chocolate bar : crunchy chocolate bar : butterscotch chocolate bar : chocolate shells : soft centers : vanilla : coconut : hard centers : coffee : pineapple : walnut chocolate bar : rum N raisin chocolate bar : roasted cashew chocolates : roasted almonds chocolates : roasted pistachio chocolates
  • Practical demonstration of making Rocks and Clusters (Peppermint Chromate Sticks, Walnut Chocolate Sticks, Chocolate Peanut Cluster with Walnuts, Fruit & Nutty Cluster, Coffee Cluster with Walnuts, Chunky Cluster, Orange Cluster, Hazelnut Cluster, Pistachio Rocks,Butterscotch Rocks, Cherries in the snow, Snow Rocks Almond Stick, Candid Peel, Butterscotch with Candid Peal Cluster.)
  • Practical demonstration of Centre Filling (Ganache, Hazelnut Ganache, Vanilla Ganache Lemon Ganache, Caramel)
  • Practical demonstration of making Liqueur Chocolate (Mint Liquor, Rum Liquor, Screwdriver, Almond Liquor, Banana Liquor, Lemon Liquor, Coffee Liquor, Chocolate Liquor, Ginger Liquor, Cherry Liquor Rose Cream Liquor, Pina Colada Liquor, Whiskey Liquor, Strawberry Liquor, Grapefruit Liquor, Mocktail Liquor, All your Honey, Rose Mint Liquor, Orange Colada Liquor)
  • Practical demonstration of making Dates Chocolates (Almond & Dates Chocolate, Marzipan Dates Chocolate, Dates & Marzipan Truffle, Candid Peels, Dates Truffle, Caramelized Almond Dates Chocolate, Pista & Apricot Truffle with Dates, Rose Petal Dates Chocolate)
  • Practical demonstration of making Designer Chocolate .
  • Basic packaging of chocolates

Course fees : Rs. 20,000
Course duration : 10 days