Scrub Making Classes Levels

Dry and Liquid Scrub Making with Polishers

Scrub and Polisher Making Courses

Theoretical part:

  • Meaning and advantage of scrub .
  • Various herbs and powders used in scrubs.
  • List of natural ingredients from your kitchen for making ideal scrub.
  • Difference between scrub and peel.
  • Body scrub as per as skin type.
  • Preservative colour and perfume used for various scrubs and polishers.
  • Various chemicals and their properties used in scrub making.
  • Equipments and tools used in scrub making.
  • Preservatives/colour and perfume used in scrub making.
  • Formulation of various scrubs as per skin and age demand.
  • Advantage of scrub/exfoliation.
  • Knowledge of face wash for deep cleaning and natural glow of the skin.
  • Packaging of various scrubs.

Practical demonstration of the following cosmetics product will be given:

  • Scrub for dry skin .
  • Scrub for oily skin.
  • Scrub for normal skin.
  • Whitening scrub.
  • Peeling scrub.
  • Body polisher.
  • Face polisher.
  • Sea salt scrub.
  • Sugar scrub.
  • Apricot scrub.
  • Jojoba scrub
  • Walnut scrub.
  • Hand and body scrub.
  • Gel scrub.
  • Face wash for oily skin.

Course Duration : 2 Days

Course Fee : 10,000/-