Shampoo Making Classes

Shampoo Making Classes & Courses

Shampoo Making Courses

 Definition and desired properties of a shampoo:
  • Formulation of a shampoo.
  • Knowledge of various surfactants.
  • Knowledge of all the raw material used in shampoo making.
  • Knowledge of various conditioners used in shampoo making.
  • Knowledge of utensils and machinery for shampoo making.
  • How to make shampoo to trat different hair problmes like- hair fall
  • Knowledge of various preservatives Mild/Strong/colour/perfume/ for shampoo making.
  • Knowledge of PH.
  • Knowledge and importance of hair conditioner
  • Evaluation of shampoo.
  • How to make your own shampoo formula for various types of hair.
  • Packaging of shampoo.

Practical demonstration of the following cosmetics will be given:

  • Plain shampoo
  • Dry hair shampoo
  • Oily hair shampoo
  • Egg shampoo
  • Pearly shampoo
  • Transparent Shampoo
  • Herbal shampoo
  • Straigth hair shampoo, shampoo with conditioner
  • Conditioner for normal hair, dry hair
  • Dandruff shampoo, Protein Shampoo,

Course Duration – 2 days

Course Fee – 10,000