Chocolate Making Lavels

Advance Chocolate Making Courses

Advance Chocolate Making Courses

If you are already in the chocolate business and want to increase your portfolio. We will make you understand the Fineries of Chocolate making.

This Spectacular course takes the chocolate making experience to new and amazing heights.

This level is a combination of all previous levels and the following features:

CSDO Advance Chocolate Making CoursesTheoretical part:

  • Varities of chocolates and how to choose chocolates
  • Types of mold and choosing of mold
  • Types of essence and choosing of essence
  • What are moulded chocolates
  • Knowledge of chocolate making equipments
  • Difference between hard centre and soft centre
  • What is truffle and the difference between basic and advance truffle
  • What are dipped chocolates
  • Styles of chocolate packing paper and choosing the paper
  • Knowledge of chocolate making machines
  • Knowledge of making chocolates for production purposes
  • Do’s and dont’s of chocolate making
  • Marketing and costing
  • Project Report
  • What is Coverture Chocolate
  • Difference between Compound & Coverture.

Practical part:

  • Tempering Coverture Chocolate by Different methods.
  • History of Chocolate, Introduction of Chocolate and Coverture Different method of tempering the chocolate
  • Demonstration of Making Various Fillings like -Orange, Hazelnut, Coconut, Ganache Fondant, Making Plain Hollow & Filled Chocolates
  • Chocolate Fudge (Nutty Fudge, Chubby Bunny, Rocky Road, Monkey Nuts, Liquor Fudge, Bacardi Fudge, Blender’s Pride Fudge, Romanov Fudge)
  • Disc & Bar Chocolate (Dics: Blossom Trail, Winter Disc, Magic Brick. Bars : Fruit and Nut slice, coloured sand Chocolate, Place of Miror, Luscious Orange Bar, Dark D’Lite)
  • Chocolate Delicacy (Basic Caramel, Semi Soft Caramel, Soft Caramel, Chocolate Haze, Cara and Nuts Fantasy, Gingi Nest, Citrus Smoothy, Sharp Shooter, Mocha Divine, Orange Melody, Peanut Delite, Haze Daze)
  • Project Report

Course fees : Rs. 15,000
Course duration : 4 days