Professional Gift Packing Courses & Classes

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Professional Gift Packing Courses & Classes

CSDO Professional Gift Packing CoursesProfessional Gift Packing

  • Introduction of the various papers and equipments like
  • Paper punch, eyelet machine, scissors, zigzag scissor,  and machinary lime paper shredder, heat gun sealing machine, shrink paper
  • Return gifts
  • Decoration of carry bags and envelopes
  • Tags
  • Bow 1o types
  • How to create  your Own designer paper using stamps, roller, pads, stencils
  • How to wrap various kinds of the boxes like round, hexagon, square, rectangular, heart shape
  • Decoration of the boxes with ribbons and accessories (30 designs)
  • Bottle wrapping, Various Kind of Packing fo rBaskit and Platter.
  • Gents garment packing, kids garment packing, sweater packing
  • Bed sheet, pillow and towel packing
  • Packing of soft toys or any uneven object
  • Market survey | Bibliography | Vendor list information Marketing
  • How to set up your own business and get success.

Course Duration : 10 days

Course Fees : 20,000/-