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Start Up Candle Making Course

Start up Candle Making Course Description

Candle making is one of the beautiful ventures that you can step into! Home decor has been an essential part of our lives especially in 21st century.Over a decade it has been observed that people have changed their choices from simple to fancy, from ordinary to extra ordinary, from synthetic to handmade and natural.

If you are keen lover of candles and had curiosity to learn on how actually Candles are made then this is the course only for you. It will give you the basic understanding and will inspire you to become more creative with Candle making.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction about different kind of the wax
  • Introduction about colour,wick perfume
  • Moulds -Poly carbonate , Aluminum, casting mould, Silicon mould, Hurricane mould, Plastic mould, Releasing spray
  • Different temperature and how impact of the temperature affects your Candle texture.
  • Techniques of melting various kinds of wax
  • How to decide and choose right kind of the pouring equipment.
  • Ways to make your work easy and efficient for making candles
  • How to give better finishing to the candle
  • Burning instructions for the Candle
  • Safety measures when making candles
  • How to achieve low cost production
  • Necessary equipment to start business.
  • Budgeting and marketing
  • Packing of candles

Also after covering this syllabus we will move towards practical making of candles which will describe you procedures.

Practical Part

  • T-light Candles: Using pouring and dye method, bulk production to earn maximum money, equipment, selection and priming of wick, wicking method, choosing right kind of container, packing of T-light candle, making colored T-light, perfume T-light, packing of T-light candle
  •  Pillar Candles: Round candle , square pillar, ball shape candle, double color, ice candle, shaded candle, streak pillar candle, marble candle, multi-wick, 9 wick candle, bubble candle, balloon candle
  • Floating Candle: How to select the right kind of mould to make a perfect floating candle, shaded floating candles, packing of the floating candle.

Are you good at creativity? If the answer to this question is a Yes!! Then one of the ideal resolutions you can make is enrolling yourself for basic Candle making course. The outcome of this course would be superb as you will gain knowledge of making hand poured Candle as per your choice and fragrance.

This startup candle making course can make you an expert and can give you adequate knowledge on aspects of candle making. If you are passionate about candle craft learn the startup course. In startup course, all the fundamental of the candle making will be covered like how to select the right kind of the wick and role of the candle additive.

Course Fee : 9999/-

Duration : 3 Days

Timings: 10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM

Certificate will be provided at the completion of the course

All the Material and hands out will be provided by CSDO



Intermediate Candle Making Course

Intermediate Candle Making Course Description 

Candle making if pursued as a career option can actually become 12 months source of income. It involves sheer dedication and love for candles. If you are already having some basic knowledge about waxes, colors, wick and want to elaborate your knowledge and gain hands-on experience in the presence of candle maker and want to become master of creating incredible candle making designs than this Intermediate level is for you.

There are many questions that revolve on the backside of the mind like how to start candle business at home then Intermediate Candle Making Level our syllabus and methodology will answer of your questions and in case if you have any more doubts we are more than happy to answer and clear your query with explanation and revision .

Course Curriculum

Chunk Candle 

Easy to make candles in which there is no hard & fast rule and it’s fun to make and play with colors and perfume. You can learn to utilize any waste wax and make elegant and artistic chunk candles. In this candle making project will teach you the followings:

  • The Fabrication of Chunky candles
  • Development of chunk candles.
  • How to decide the selection of the mold to make chunk candles, understanding the concept of having the right temperature to get perfect chunky candles.
  • You will learn Making of Plain Chunky Candle, Double color chunky candle, Swiss roll chunky candle, Mother of pearls candle, Log chunks candle, Valentine chunk Candle, Gingerbread making a candle, Xmas chunk candle,
  • The Mastery of polishing chunk candles

Embedded & Encrusted Candles

Doing a design on pillar candles and you can embed anything and everything that you want to embed into your candle. Designing and creating something unique is what you can easily do in making encrusted candles. In this candle making project we will teach you the followings:-

  • Kind of waxes used or embedded candle
  • Mold, Equipment, containers and other tools used for embedded candles
  • Teaching and making of embedded candles at a glance
  • Development of Embedded candles
  • Creation of Candles as per the concept
  • Mastery of polishing Embedded & encrusted candle
  • How to make red chili, bay leaf, Pearl, potpourri, glass candle, sunflower candle etc.packing of embedded candle
  • Rust finish candle: the introduction of rustic candle

Granite Candle

Granite candles can be customized as per the texture that you want. You will learn how to make frost and create ravishing candles.I f you want to learn how to put fire on the rock then this candle is the one for you!! You will learn to make granite texture like a candle on your own. Using all the waste or scrape wax you can make exciting granite candle and also the extensive type of designs will be covered. In this candle making project we will teach you the followings:

  • How to prepare and use raw wax for granite candle,
  • Colors, tools, and types of equipment for granite candle
  • Different effects of granite candle,
  • Accurate Finishing of granite candle

The Outcome of Intermediate Candle Making Level

Do you know Candle making is an art and a wonderful profession and you can embellish your ongoing venture too? The outcome if the intermediate level is beautiful so If you already are familiar with waxes, perfumes, colors molds and want to expand your knowledge in the sphere of Candle Fabrication then we can help you raise your benchmarks for Candle manufacturing.

Course Fee 9999/-

Course Duration 3 Days

Timings: 10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM

All the material and hand outs will be provided by CSDO

Advance Candle Making Course

Advance Candle Making Course Description

This course begins with learning and discovering your strengths on designing and delivering something unique to your clients.

  • Advance candling making is for the creative seekers who want to upgrade themselves to the next level by enhancing their style & make candles more appealing and glorifying.
  • The advance candle making broadens your mindset and gives you around 12-15 add on candles which you can easily give you high profit.
  • You can double your ranges and product list and earn a handsome salary with advance candle making level.
  • If you want to have a great collection for your Candle studio or if you want to make money during wedding season or are planning to enhance your upcoming startup of candles then this course can truly do wonders for you .

It is true that Advance Candle Making have more earning potential than other levels as it includes making of complex designs, understanding how in minimum time we can deliver quality candles, how to understand strong market survey and decide what is your niche market looking for, producing candles for long burning hours, given services around what exactly your target audience is looking for  the  right investment that you can make is enrolling yourself in Advance candle making course.

To overcome your barriers and any hurdle that you face in pursuing Advance Candle Making it’s important to gain knowledge and get a live demonstration from recognized school.

At Craf& social development organisation we mainly focus on delivering high end service to our students in which they gain theoretical and practical knowledge in all realms of Candle making.

Craf& Social Development Organisation focuses on skill development and helps you learn understanding concepts of Candle making , cost of candles , marketing of candles , finishing of candles and other end to end information which makes you Advance Candle Maker.

Now let’s look in a glance what all will be covered:-


Hurricane Candle

Hurricane Candle is a ravishing Candle which glow inside out and make special moments more delightful and glamorous. These candles are graceful and are highly in demand during weddings and for event planners. Learn to make a shell within your candle. You can make a square, rounded and picture candle if you have done our intermediate course where we teach you a lot of things related to embedded so that you can make embedded Hurricane Candle. Hurricane Candles are for all the crafty people who want to try something new & craftastic with seashells, gems, pearls, potpourri etc.

(Take care if you have not done an Intermediate Course we would not be able to teach you Embedded Hurricane Candle)

  1. Hurricane Candle Molds – We give you complete knowledge on how to use Hurricane molds, which includes two-part hurricane mold, single hurricane mold so using that you can make hurricane candle with

If you are living in a small city where you are not getting hurricane mold don’t worry we will also give you a substitute of that in which you will learn using ordinary mold as a Hurricane mold to produce Hurricane Candle.

Wow Technique Candle Decoration

When for the first time ever our mastermind of Candles Ms.Sunita Bhasin decorated white pillar candle size 3″x4″ with gold leaf which earlier she was using on the wooden tray it turned out to be stunning!!

She kept the same Candle on my office table and whosoever visited on that day they appreciated and people used only one word i.e. WOW after seeing that candle.

There WOW comment solved my problem as she was not able to give the name to this unique technique and immediately she named it as  WOW technique.

After making Plain Candles she started trying various experiments with different objects using Loofah: -yes you heard right, Loofah which I was using in my soaps, different kind of brushes kitchen folk, coins, laces etc to make innovative Candles.

Some of the WOW technique Candles are shown given below in gallery and each creates a different impression and are different from the league.

So if you are creative and want to Decorate your Plain Candle or want to sell Gold Leaf Candle join our advance candle making a course which will cover such wonderful level as this wow technique is just a chapter in our Candle Making Course.

Course Curriculum

  • Right kind of tools
  • How to select gold leaf
  • Creating different pattern
  • Butterfly gold leaf candle
  • Drop down gold leaf
  • Diamond texture candle
  • Curved pattern
  • Splash gold texture

After making the above candle, students will come to know how to create new designs and you can create an unlimited design and sell them at huge profits. So if you are seeking something eye catchy for your clients then this Advance candle making the course at CSDO is must for you.

In this Candle Making Project will teach you the followings:

  • Equipment, tools and raw material
  • Do’s & Don’ts for wow candle

Mottling Candles

Wonderful candles which give you amazing texture and are in demand nowadays are these mottling candles. These candles give a mottled look and are marked with patches which actually when presented on entire candle give a drizzle effect to your candle. If you are seeking growth or want to give something new to your client then this course will fulfill the desire as this candle can be different and you can very smoothly setup your market.

In the Mottling Candle making we will teach you:-

  • Kind of wax, candle wick, and colors required
  • Information of the mould which can be used

Outcome of Advance Candle Making

Are you already good in the art of candle making  and are seeking growth in your present venture ? Then you have rightly made up your mind because your passion can become your career and make you richer! The outcome of advance candle making is phenomenal. You can make incredible progress by learning the advance level. You can exhibit and earn money by events, seminars also by exporting Candles.

All the material and hand outs will be provided by CSDO.

Duration 3 days

Fees: – 10,000/-

TIMINGS: 10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM

Handcrafted Candle Making Course

Embellish your creativity by learning Handcrafted Candles

Handcrafted products are appreciated especially when it comes to candles! If you are fascinated by candles and are fond of showing your creativity and innovational styles then this course is appropriate and can fulfill your needs. This course includes making of the candle, designing of the candle and giving apt finishing to the candle so that it can be beautified. Charismatic and Mesmerizing Candles are covered in this level like Log Candles, Carving Candles, A Bed of roses and Seashells.

This four day’s course can make you an expert in making candles by glorifying its design through the exclusive art of making carving & handcrafted Candle.


Log Candles: – Horizontal log candles l Bamboo Log candle l Vertical log candle l Designer log candle l Woody candle

Carving Candle: – Introduction to Carving wax l Introduction to Carving tools l Double colored Carving candle l Triple color Carving candle l twisting & turning of wax

Bed of Roses: – Making of Roses and setting of the Bed of Roses

Sea –Inspired Designer Candles:- Designer Seashell Candles l Wrap on the Seashell l Window Seashell Candle l Horizontal Sea Shell l Sea froth Candle

Duration: 4 Days

Fee: Rs.12000/-
Timings: 10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM

 All the raw material & handouts would be provided by CSDO.