Q1. ​ Is it really possible to learn candle/ chocolate/Soap in one day?

Ans. ​​Csdo is teaching hobby as well as Professional courses from more than two decades and has renowned faculty through their vast experience &easy to understand methodology it is easy for the students.Moreover we put best efforts to clear the concepts through theoretical & practical work.


Q2. ​ ​If we learn these innovative course and still have confusion or we forget some important technique or method what should we do?

​​Ans. ​Yes we can often understand being human and occupied in various work it’s often hard to remember the minute things so we have planned a review course system that you may visit and feel free to ask all your doubts quarries .You can easily coordinate with our counselor & take a given schedule ​​ Incase of any query. Also we give you printed notes copy which you can take along and can be referred Incase of any confusion or while making a revision.


Q3. ​ ​ ​Will I be able to make Readymade candle/ chocolate/soap on my own?

​​Ans. Yes,Why not when you will get CSDO’s teaching ,skill ,guidance and it’s 25yrs experience then you can definitely make beautiful candle/soap/chocolate.But yes we must say practice makes a man perfect.So you must need to practice it on a regular basis.also Rome was not built. In one day.Maybe the finishing will take sometime but gradually you will make it perfect!


Q4. ​ ​ What is the process of registering in your organisation?

​​Ans. It is very simple just contact our counsellor -either through a single phone call or via E-mail or inbox us and you can get all the necessary details and information .For the online practitioners you can download the enquiry form from our website & we will reply via mail.Also the keen learners can take appointment & visit our academy in Lajpat nagar.


Q5. ​ ​ What is the source of making a payment in your academy and what is the lump sum amount?

​​Ans. ​Their is no hard n fast rule to pay.You have to pay as per the choice of courses that you make.All the fees charges must be deposited before joining the classes.We have monthly schedule for all the chocolate ,candle making,soap & cosmetic making &Trousseau packaging classes.Thus one needs to Enroll accordingly .Remember we have limited seats to give the individual attention to each candidate and also seats taper booked in advance so you have to conform us prior to the date you choose.


Q6. ​ ​ What is the reason behind short duration courses in Csdo ?

​​Ans. ​ Very nice question asked basically courses of all streams either it be Candle,Chocolate ,Soap & Cosmetic or Trousseau all the courses are well Organised with the printed step by step study material with specified techniques professional learning & training that an individual can acquire in shot term courses.Mostly all the courses can be complete in one day.As we all know that today most precious and important of all is time .Csdo values your time and want to utilize each & every second of your learning session.Here the student come far away places- local,NCR ,form various states of abroad .With the well organized class,easy to understand lectures one can easily manage with shot duration courses.


Q7. ​ ​ ​ What level of support for one course do you provide to your students?

​​Ans. ​All the courses are well planned and taught by experienced faculty.Csdo believe in long lasting relationship.Our relation continues even after you complete your concerned course.We can solve your doubts& queries It can be removed via phone or course review system.Secondly we have planned a new platform for our students so now our students can send us video via email and show what new they have produced and we will upload it on our website as it will help them and give them recognition and their work would be appreciated.


Q8. ​ ​ As you said that their are many outsider students visiting so how do they manage to learn so far?

​​Ans. ​ Yes we have many outsider students and as our courses are frequently female oriented we recommend you the PG that is nearby our ip academy where you can easily stay and is reasonable enough.Secondly ,”No pain without Gain” so the students take pain and come so far but ultimately they gain because it’s their hard work and the atmosphere here that makes you manage to come so far.