Hair Oil Making Classes

Hair Oil Making Classes & Courses

Hair Oil Making Classes & Courses

The famous Hinadustani ‘champi’ is an old method to make our hair healthy and shiny. We make it a weekly or twice a week to oil our hair before we wash it.

Oiling the hair is prevents hair from premature greying, massaging the Pressure Points & strengthen its roots, hair growth and also relieves stress. But one needs to know how to choose oil hair according to hair type.

Our hair oil making course helps you to make oils according to hair types.


  • Introduction to different types of carrier hair oil
  • Various Ayurveda Oils
  • Various aroma oils
  • Various Herbal Oils
  • How to make Oils for normal Hair
  • How to make Oils for dry hair
  • How to make Oils for Oily hair
  • How to use different extracts
  • Making of Kwath (Kada) by traditional & modern method of making oils
  • Making of synthetic hair oils as per the economical/high range cost.

Course fees : Rs. 5,000
Course duration : 1 day