Gel Making Classes

Gel Making Classes

Gel Making Courses

Theoretical part:

  • Concept of gel, Using of natural allovera leaf Plant
  • Knowledge of Skin
  • Preservation of natural allo vera gel
  • Making of synthetic gel professionally using various chemicals
  • Using of additives-colour/ perfumes/preservatives
  • Role of acqa while making gel
  • Formulation of a gel as per skin and hair demand
  • Packaging of gel
  • Knowledge of all the Chemicals whch can be added to enchance the gel
  • Knowledge of various herbs which can really make the product reselut oriented for various skin and hair problem
  • Knpwledge of Face wash, concept

Practical demonstration of the following cosmetics gel will be given:

  • Preserving of natural allovera gel
  • Making of synthetics gel
  • Nourshing gel
  • Massage gel
  • Acne gel
  • Fairness gel – Lemon, Orange, pineapple gel
  • Pain gel, Gold gel, Silver gel, Pearl gel
  • Making of Face wash

Course Duration : 2 days

Course Fee :10,000/-