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Professional Cold Process Soap Making Courses

Cold Process Soap Making – Startup Course

Do you like the idea of designing and decorating soaps using different ingredients? Are you planning to learn different styles of soap making?

Cold process soap making course is catching a lot of eyeballs these days and more numbers of people are looking forward to enrolling themselves in the course. You can also make the most of this opportunity and can learn the art of cold process soap making in minimum time so as to use it in shaping your career of making and designing different styles of soaps.

A cold process soap is made when all kinds of fixed oils such as olive oil, coconut oil or palm oil are combined with an alkali like sodium hydroxide or lye in order to create a bar of soap. This entire process has been termed as Saponification. The use of the right ingredients in the right quantities can help you in designing some of the best soaps. You can always use them to your advantage of making a lot of money.

A lot of people today are buying naturally customized soaps over the commercial soaps. Thus, this start-up cold process soap making course is surely going to help you in reaching a milestone of your career. The right use of ingredients, proper technique, as well as decent supervision, is everything you need to become a soap designer. This course is an easygoing course where you can get in touch with the veterans in the field of soap making to further imbibe the art of soap making from them.

Course Curriculum:

Cold process soaps are becoming very famous because of their organic composition as well as attractive design. You can also participate in the art of soap making and design some of the most amazing soaps using your own skill and imagination.

This course is divided into two parts. Following headings give an insight into the course:

Theoretical part:

  • You shall be introduced to soap material as well as perfume.
  • You shall be introduced to soap colors and lye.
  • You shall be taught how to handle the soap cutting machinery.
  • You shall also be taught the use of natural colorants in the process.
  • You shall be introduced to the color wheel.

Practical part:

  • Design plain cold process soap bars.
  • Design different other soap bars such as cocoa butter soap, almond soap, moisturizing soaps, clove soap, cinnamon soap.
  • Designed mud and clay-cold process soap.
  • Designing an exclusive series of soap such as Assamese fantasy soap, Clay of Multan soap, etc.
  • Bulk and mass production of the soaps
  • Making of soaps which are colored and fragrant.
  • Using soap equipment and soap machines.
  • Marketing of the soap.

This course is surely going to make you learned about the idea of soap making. You will learn a lot of things in minimum time and will end up setting your career in soap making. Enroll in the course at the earliest.

Course Fee : Rs. 7,500
Course Duration : 2 Days

TIMINGS:10.30 AM TO 1.30 PM

Cold Process – Professional Soap Making Course

Are you well-acquainted with the art of CP soap making? Do you have a basic idea of making soaps? Do you consider soap making as your profession?

Enroll in the professional cold process soap making course and let your basic knowledge of soap making climb a step ahead. A cold process soap making course is all about mixing the fixed oils with the alkalis. The professional CP soap making course takes this process to a superior level by adding some more creativity into the same.

Professional cold process soap making is all about learning the art of making cold soaps with the right skills and more creativity. This course is an upgraded version of the basic CP soap making course and it can take your passion for soap making to another level. Consequently, you can make the use of this training on a professional platform. You can sell your own soaps, designed entirely by you using your own creativity and talent. You are merely required to have good control over the use of ingredients for making this kind of soap.

Commercial soaps have become outdated these days and many people are switching to the home-made alternatives. Making your own cold process soap is always better than buying or using commercial soap. Thus, you can make the best cold process soap for yourself and for others as well. Making cold process soaps is the best way to stay away from the chemically-oriented commercial soaps. At the same time, you can sell these non-toxic soaps to multiply profits in great numbers. The mere requirement for enrolling in this particular course is having an ordinary and basic knowledge about soap making. This course is looked over by the best names and experts in the field who have been designing the professional cold process soaps for years. Thus, you can learn a lot under their supervision.

Course Curriculum:

Here is everything to know about the course:

The course is divided into two parts namely, the theoretical part as well as the practical part.

Theoretical part:

  • You shall be introduced to the designing of cold process soaps.
  • You shall be introduced to milk soaps.
  • You shall be introduced to advance the swirl technique of designing the soaps.

Practical part:

  • You shall be taught to make swirl designing soap.
  • You shall be acquainted with different techniques of designing these soaps including funnel technique, round columns technique, spinning technique, etc.
  • You shall be taught how to design soaps using ingredients like honey and oats, fresh milk, etc.
  • You will be imparted more knowledge on the advance swirl techniques.

Enroll yourself in this brilliant cold process soap making course and you will end up learning a lot about the idea of soap making on a professional level. This can help you with the establishment of your business respectively.

Course Fee : Rs. 10,000
Course Duration : 2 Days

TIMINGS: 10.30 AM TO 1.30 PM