Who Can Join CSDO

Any one who is desirous and quite mature to handle business, can learn these Candle/chocolate/Soap and Cosmetic/gift/Trousseau Packing Courses. Thus our students may be School Going Students, College going Students, Working, From simple job to gazetted officer, Non Working: Even housewives can equip themselves with a very precious knowledge of Candle/Chocolate/Soap or Cosmetic Making, Gift Packing/Trousseau Packing courses.



Not any special qualification but can easily understand Hindi or English. Yes, no educational / professional degree for this course.




All Course of CSDO are rarel available, informative & have a balance between theory & practical. Class size is small for individual attention to ensure professional expertisation in a particular course.


CSDO was established in 1995 with the motive of self employment or offering employment. 21 years of teaching experience & the rich experience is a great ingredient for successful teaching.


CSDO has specialization in various courses through top most professionals.


CSDO believes in learning while doing. The students learn after doing practically & get perfection.


CSDO’s experienced and skillful Instructor, capable of handling all of your question and concerns.


CSDO’s precious detailed practically tested handouts is provided to utilize students, each and every minute of the learning session.



CSDO Speciality


1. Lodging Facilities for Outsiders at Reasonable Cost


Csdo,the professional academy is very much concerned for the outsiders students.Students those who come across from Nepal,Katmandu,Rajasthan,Jaipur,Banglore,Chennai,Ahemdabad and Gujarat can stay at the premises at very reasonable cost. We are offering Economical Lodging services for the benefit of our students. With these services one can build up networking and also understand different cultures.


2. Affiliated with KVIC


CSDO is affiliated to KVIC i.e Khadi n village Industry Commision ( govt affiliation) i.e valuable and gives you an authentication to commence your own Business anywhere in India. Also KVIC helps you in starting your business with LOANS and supports you during the initial stage of your new venture settlement.


3. Exprienced since 1987


WCI i.e Women Carrers Institute( 1987) long ago was the first poly technique where cutting talioring,drawing,dancing,cooking,soft toy making hobby courses used to take place.Then she expanded towards IICS i.e International Institute of Corporate studies where English speaking courses took place.


After 5yrs of these programmes a new academy was established ie CSDO in 1995.


CSDO has prospered today because it has been into the same profession of providing lectures on creative courses since 1987.


Although it has been more than two decades but regular R& D,Innovation,Workshop Sessions,Seminars keeps it no1 institute all over India.The students come from Yuganda,America,Canada also to learn and know the essentials of Good marketing development.


Csdo runs on one policy ie ”LEARN MORE AND EARN MORE”.


If we always have an atitude of learning then success definaltely welcomes us.




Another usp of this Instiute is Course Review System.Incase you are not clear about the course and you are facing difficulties after the course.The institute allows you to have a course review for free and no fees is charged for that.Proper handouts and very much informative classes takes place with maximum strength of 4-5 students.