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Start Up Candle Making Course

Start Up Candle Making Course

Start up Candle Making Course Description

Are you fond of making candles? Do you want to take your hobby of candle-making to another level? Do you want to give wings to your dreams? Do you want to be your own boss-lady?

If yes is the answer to all these questions, then we have a quick solution for you. Transform your passion of candle-making into a fulsome profession as we are here to help you out. We offer professional candle-making course to all the enthusiasts who look forward to setting up their career in this artful indulgence. The courses that we offer is a breakthrough for all those individuals who are looking forward to starting their career in candle-making.

Our candle-making courses have been introduced by all the experts and professionals so as to provide you with a booming career in the art of candle making of various kinds and styles.

Following gives an insight into the courses offered by us:

  • Introduction about different kinds of wax used in candle making.
  • Learning about ingredients required in candle-making such as color, wick, perfume, etc.
  • Molds – aluminum, polycarbonate, casting mold, silicon mold, plastic mold, hurricane mold, releasing spray.
  • Candle-making under different temperature along with the impact of these temperatures on to the texture of your candle.
  • Different techniques concerned with the melting of wax.
  • Choosing the right kind of pouring equipment for making candles.
  • Steps for better finishing of the candle.
  • Different tricks of making your candle-making work easygoing.
  • Burning instructions for the candle.
  • Safety measures while experimenting with candles.
  • Budgeting and marketing for your business of candles.
  • Packing and decorating the candles.

After covering and supervising you with the course curriculum listed above, our team of experts will help you with the real ‘practical designing of the candles’.

  • T-light Candles: Teaching you the art of making T-light candles by using the method of pouring and dye, selection as well as priming of the wick, method of wicking, selecting the right kind of container, packing and decoration of the candle, perfume T-light candle.
  • Pillar Candles: Learn how to make ball shape candle, round candle, square pillar, double color candle, shaded candle, ice candle, streak pillar candle, multi-wick, marble candle, 9 wick candle, balloon candle, and many others.
  • Floating candle: Teaching you how to select the proper kind of mold so as to design a perfect floating candle and other shaded floating candles. Learn how to pack these candles.

This startup course is surely going to serve you with adequate knowledge about the art of making candles. You will become an expert in no time.

Let your passion for candle-making speak for itself. Contact us!

Duration: 3 days
Fee: 10000/-