Start Detergent Making Business

Start Detergent Making Business

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Detergent powder is an essential part of every household. Detergents are important for washing and cleaning purposes. In India, the companies manufacturing detergent powder are flourishing. Detergent powder making is a promising business idea. It requires fairly nominal amount of capital and gives great returns once it starts. The detergent makers in the economy are making detergents using two technologies-

Spray dried

By mixing raw materials

However, the former one needs a huge capital investment. And if you are thinking to start detergent making business from a low scale then the latter one is the best option for you. While in this article, an insight into detergent making business is discussed.

The potential of detergent making business in India

The detergent making market in India is among the largest detergent markets in the world.The detergent making segment of the industry caters to all the sectors of society, the higher, middle, and lower sects. The market is flooded with packets and boxes of detergent for users. The recent health, hygiene and cleanliness awareness has driven more people, even from the local sects to buy more detergent powders or bars. The detergent making companies have also started manufacturing small sachets and packets of detergent to be sold in market. Which clearly means the detergent making business has a very strong hold and potential in Indian market.

If you are planning to start a detergent making business, here are few steps which need to be fulfilled before starting the detergent making business :

 Basic knowledge of detergent making

It is necessary for you to be familiar with what you are going to do. Before investing in detergent making business, it is essential for you to know the basics of detergent making.Detergents are cleaning and washing agents which can be in form of powder, bar, liquid.  You must know the plants and machinery used for detergent making and how to operate it. You should know formula for detergent making so that, there is no scope for any mistakes. You can learn detergent making by taking the detergent making classes. Where professionals will teach you the basics of detergent making and will also guide you towards starting your own business.

Obtaining the licence and registration for detergent making

It is important for you to acquire the licence and registration for your business to avoid any legal anomalies, especially when you are starting your business by adopting the mixing process of detergent making. Here are few points to be considered before starting the business :

  • Register your business according to the form which you are adapting to start the process of detergent making
  • You need to apply for your Trade Licence from the Municipal Authority for your business.
  • Get the MSME Udyog Adhaar, which you can apply for online.
  • Get the ‘Consent to Establish’ your business from the pollution control board.
  • Name your business and get the trademark for your business name, make sure to choose a striking name.
  • Get BIS certification
  • Register for VAT

 Machinery and Plants set up

You just need an area of 1000 sq.ft. to set up the manufacturing unit for your small scale detergent making business.Some of the machines for manufacturing are neutralizer, reactor, pulveriser, weighing scale, blender etc. As the quantity of output will not be huge during the start of manufacturing process, this it is advised to go for a smaller area. The location of your factory or manufacturing unit must be at an area where you can get, electricity, water and transportation easily. You have to be careful of these factors before choosing the location for your manufacturing unit set up.

 Manufacturing process

You have to be very careful while the manufacturing process and everything must be done under your supervision. The formula for manufacturing must be accurate and double checked before starting with the manufacturing process.


After the detergent is obtained post manufacturing process, then comes a very important step, that is, packaging of the detergent. The packaging is one thing which must be absolutely perfect. A small hole in the packet or box where detergent is being packed it can ruin the whole detergent or cause spilling. Therefore, packaging must be water proof, spill proof and resistant to any kind of damage.

 Make sure to keep these points in mind before starting the detergent making business.

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