Professional Chocolate Truffle Making Classes

Do you want to know what is chocolate truffle?


Wow! What is chocolate truffle we often ask when we indulge yourself in its wonderful taste. The way it mixes in our taste buds is simply wonderful. Do you feel the same way? Then you surly do have a chocolate bud, the special craving for chocolate. Well now there are many who not only savor its taste but are keen to know more about the truffle.


There are many among you who want to know how to make truffle? Isn’t that so? Well for those how are keen on knowing the art, we do have the right kind of solution. We have designed courses which are prepared in such a manner that they teach you everything you need to know about truffles. Now, isn’t that great?


The professional chocolate truffles tells you about the history of the truffles and how they were actually prepared. The course also gives you a detailed knowledge on the various kinds of materials that can be used in preparing a delicious and mouth watering truffle. It also tells you about the various kinds of truffles that are popular among the truffle lovers.


With our course you will know how to make truffles at home. Also, if you have a chocolate boutique then you can prepare these yummy truffles to surprise your customers with the new taste. We can confirm you that whether you are baking it for your loved ones or for your customers, all will simply love to eat it.


In the course which we have designed we also have a special section on how to dipped truffle. Dipping of truffle is an important aspect and it needs to be taken care of in the perfect manner. That is why the personnel’s working with us can give you a proper knowledge on how to dip it in the best manner.


Now not only making of truffle is important but you also need to learn how to decorate truffle. The presentation of anything matter a lot and that is also the case when you are presenting the truffles either to your loved ones or to your customers.


Duration – 2 Days.
Fee : Rs. 9,500/-