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Professional Candle Making Courses in Delhi NCR

Designer candles can make the room look attractive and beautiful. Here at CSDO we introduce you to the fabulous business of candle making that can change your lifestyle and you can excel in life.

CSDO Professional Candle Making Courses

Why enroll in a professional Candle-Making Course?

They say that the art is never dead, and they make a lot of sense.

Gone are the days where a person would only choose academics as their professional choices. The tables are turning for good, and so are the career choices of the individuals and hence they are turning towards an artistic side of their career.

A candle is not just used as a source of lighting, but the same happens to be an interesting element that can enhance any boring place and can give light to a dull atmosphere. A candle is used as one of the best room décor elements throughout the world wherein people indulge themselves in decorating all the areas of their rooms with different kinds of candles. Candles also have an important part to play in the decorations of bigger events including weddings, parties, and festivities. You can now pursue a course in the art of candle making from any candle making institute in Delhi and can master the craft of candle making like never before.

Different candle-making courses to suit your needs:

The professional candle-making courses in Delhi have been introduced by the professionals, all of which provide you with a growing career in the field of candle making. By enrolling yourself in these courses, you can learn the craft of designing the candles in a number of kinds. The professional candle -making classes in Delhi give you a complete knowledge on making different kinds of candles which are in demand on various occasions. These courses are strictly professional and they help you to learn the skill of candle making and candle designing from the very base. Hence, you end up learning even the minute details about how the candles are made, how these candles are molded into different shapes and designs, how these candles are given different colors and textures and lastly, how these candles are decorated and readied for different kinds of occasions.

Give a new dimension to your hobby:

If you have always been intrigued by the concept of candle making and have tried it by learning various DIYs from the internet, it is the time to give a new dimension to your hobby. The professional candle making courses in Delhi are a great way to start your own business of candles and turning your hobby of candle making into a profession of candle making. There is no limit in giving all your new ideas a professional concept, for it is always going to help you grow.

The professional candle-making courses in Delhi are many. All these courses entertain different forms of learning, however, all of them are directed towards a single objective – helping you master the skill of making and designing candles in the best manner. It doesn’t matter if you reside in Delhi or not, you can always have an easy access to the professional candle making classes in Delhi as you can always avail the opportunity of picking your respective candle learning course online.

So what are you waiting for? Select the best course from the different professional candle-making courses in Delhi and watch yourself learn everything about candle designing.

Theoretical part:

  • Learning about the waxes and their selection
  • Learning about the molds and their selection
  • Appropriate utensils selection
  • Learning about wick and containers sustainers
  • Understanding Colour wheel
  • T-lites Candle, Votive, Pillar, Rustic, Gel, Chunk, Incrusted & Embedded Candle Introduction
  • Learning decoration of candles and it’s other techniques
  • Candle machines introduction
  • Costing and marketing of candles
  • Precautions of candle making techniques
  • Instructions on burning
  • Understanding candle burning time
  • Understanding Candle weight

Practical part:

  • Creating T-lites (perfumed, decorative, plain, coloured. )
  • Creating Pillar candle ( perfumed, floating angled layered, multi wick, cube, colored and double coloured, square, ball, round )
  • Creating of taper and votives candle (perfumed, coloured, double coloured taper candle, coloured, spa, straight, round and taper votives )
  • Creating chunk candle (tutti fruity, rainbow ,diamond, mother of pearl, multi layered, valentine, round and chip chunk )
  • Candle decoration (spiral design, teardrop technique, gift box, pearl technique, ethnic design, traditional shlok, batik effect, raffia candle, drizzle effect, burnout candle, scarf effect, water collection candles)
  • Learning wow technique ( fence design, gold art design, chanderi look, leaf pattern design, silver pin point design)
  • Technique of Cfs (brick designer candle, spiral design, we’ll candle, gold leaf candle, earthly candle )
  • Learning incrusted and embedded candles (shell, potpourri, pearl, sunflower, pebbles, red chili, kidney beans, cinnamon )
  • Creating rustic candle (splash effect, ring design, bubble candle, perfumed rustic candle, rocky candle, wrapped rustic )
  • Creating gel candle (marble candle, gel’o’candle, sparkle candle, fruit candle, layered candle multi wick candle, sand art candle, valentine candle, colour bleeding candle, tutti fruity gel candle, flower bouquet candle)
  • Creating candles for manufacturing purposes
  • Packing of candles (master carton packing and unit packing)
  • Learning Shipper’s note
  • Theme packing and basic packing (valentine theme, Christmas theme, baby shower theme, ethnic theme wedding theme )

Course fees : Rs. 20,000
Course duration : 31 hrs./ 10 days