Pillar Candle Making Courses

A short note on pillar and floating candles

The Pillar Candle has emerged to be one of the most loved candles in the Indian market. Originally this kind of candle came from the western part of the world but now it has also gained its popularity in India. The pillar candles are good to look at and they forms a perfect decorative piece at any occasion.


Many of you may now wonder that what is pillar candle? Well this is a kind of candle which is big in size and almost like a pillar and no doubt that’s how it gets its name. This candle besides being a perfect accessory also helps in lighting up the room in a very elegant manner.


Now, if you are thinking that How to make pillar candle, then do not worry as we are there to help you out with that. Making pillar candles will seem to be an absolutely easy task once you finished taking the course with us. Then you will be able to mix various ingredients like the fragrances and the colours to create a fascinating candle.


Besides being immensely beautiful one of the best things about this type of candle is that they can be prepared by mixing multiple colours. The double color pillar candle simply looks gorgeous and they no doubt enhance the ambience of the room to a great level.


Now along with the pillar candles you can also learn about the various kinds of floating candle. The speciality of the floating candles are that, you can easily lit them up and make them float. They are a unique kind of candle which is very fun to make. Also, the demand of this kind of candle is always high and thus you can be ensured that you will surly make profit by creating them.


Now you may have the question that how to make floating candle the floating candles are prepared by combining various things together. The most basic things that are needed in the preparation of the floating candle are wax, colour, moulds, etc. Also, there are a various kinds of floating candle which you can make using your knowledge of candle making and your creativity.