Hobby Classes for Soap Making

Plain Soap

You must have used the plain soap, right? Ever thought how are they made?

If you are interested in learning about how the soaps are made, the most common type of soap to come to your mind is the melt it pour soaps. While you learn soap making, you need to know about various things. For example, soap molds. They give a special shape to the soap.

The soap perfumes add fragrance to the soap, which is very necessary.

When you are learning something new, it is very important to know its history. It will help you improve a lot and learn better as well. Same is the case with the soaps. At the soap molds academy you get to know about the formation of various things in a detailed manner. The soap mold academy Delhi makes you learn everything very easily because of the good staff and modern facilities.

The soap molds academy Bangalore is masters in their field. They help create something unique and beautiful.

Also, you can consider the soap molds academy Mumbai. The fees is very much affordable, don’t worry!

If you really want to learn this art, join the soap moulds academy India.

Duration    :  One Day
Fee            :  Rs.3000/-

Chunky Soap

Ever heard about the Chunky Soap? What is Chunky Soap?

Chunky Soap is a different kind of soap, which when prepared really looks good. Now you must be thinking how to make chunky soaps, right? Well, making beautiful chunky soaps is not at all a difficult task. All you need to learn is the technique that is used in its formation.

Not only the chunks are so unique, but the scrub soaps also fall in this category. You get twin benefits from the same; a good scrubber as well as the benefits of soap. Are you keen to learn how to makescrub soaps? This is an easy process, and there are certain designed courses which will teach you the perfect skills.

There are many benefits of scrub soaps. While making such soaps, you enjoy doing this work and also you can gift these to your close ones.

Soap perfume is always added to any kind of soap that you are making. Whether it is the chunk soap or the seniman scrub soaps, you may visit us and learn the perfect skills.

Duration    :  One Day
Fee            :  Rs.3000/-

Embedded Soap

 An embedded soap is the one which has some very beautiful things embedded on it. Anyone would like to have such soap in his or her house. They are just so attractive!

After knowing what is embedded soap, you should also know what kind of things can be embedded in it. Well, you can put in as many things as you want to. You can go for an herb, or some photos, or any childish toys whatsoever.

Now you must be thinking, how to make embedded soap, right? Do not worry for this. There are specialized courses for the same designed by us, which will teach you each and every thing that is required to make such soaps. Also, the Embedded Soap Making Courses have a very nominal fee structure which can be afforded by almost everyone.

Start with this course as soon as you can and surprise your kid by learning how to make toy soap.

Duration    :  One Day
Fee            :  Rs.3000/-


Scrub Soap

 The Melt and Pour method is the best for the beginners. When you buy the soap from the market, they process out the glycerin from them. On the other hand, when you make soaps at home there is a high glycerin content in it which is good for the skin.

Along with the glycerin you can add some very good soap perfumes and colors, to make beautiful soaps at home. The greatest advantage of this technique is that, you can add in anything that is easily available with you. There are no certain restrictions. You will get everything available at the crafts shops.

If you wish for a soap that is 100 percent pure and is really good for your skin, then go for this method. Apart from being cost effective, it is also free from any harmful side effects. You can gift it to your family members and friends. Just enjoy making the mud and scrub soaps!

Duration    :  One Day
Fee            :  Rs.3000/-

Granite Soap

 Granite soap is a kind of soap which matches with your tiles and floors, and is really very attractive. It keeps you germ free.  It looks exactly like granite and many a time’s people are not able to make out whether it is a rock or soap. But once you use it, you will really feel very good. The smooth texture and the amazing fragrance will leave you awe-struck.  Just give it a try!

You can add any sort of perfume you wish to, and can also create your own design by using your skills. Once you know how to make granite soap making, the next thing that you will be concerned with is the course to join for the same, right? Do not worry about that anymore. Just make a contact with us, and we will solve all your problems at one go. Are you excited to learn something new?

Duration    :  One Day
Fee            :  Rs.3000/-

Aromatherapy Soap

 In this busy life, everyone is stressed up. The pressure of work, family and relations and many more things makes a person frustrated and irritating. Thus, to release stress and to relax yourself you can undergo the process of aromatherapy. But why to go to a center for the same? The aromatherapy soapmaking gives you the same effect, without going anywhere. You can get the aromatherapy soap from any shop outside, but why not make it at home?  It is not a joke, but something which can be seriously done.

Are you wondering how to make aromatherapy soap at home? Consider yourself fortunate enough, as there is a set course for the same. Not only you will get to know the procedure of making this soap, but also you will learn a lot of new things. Different kinds of aromatherapy oils and essence will be taught to you. Different packing and presentation skills will also be taught. It will be a lot of fun and learning experience at the same time.

Duration    :  One Day
Fee            :  Rs.3000/-

Swirl Techniq

 All of you must be keeping your soaps in those bars, right? Why not go for a change? Try to be more hygienic and innovative as well. The Swirl Technique-Soap Making is the best option to adopt such a change. Well, you must be thinking of how to give swirl design to your soap, right? It is not at all difficult. It is a technique by which the soap bar looks more attractive and amazing. You can keep it is a Shoppe’s in your bathroom.

And the idea of gifting a beautiful swirl soap to your close ones is not at all bad. What is better than making the soap yourself rather than buying it? It would be so much of fun altogether. There is a proper course regarding the same. In this course, you will learn about the history of the soap making, you will get full fledged knowledge regarding the soap perfume and its use. Also, knowledge about various soap molds will be imparted to you.

Duration    :  One Day
Fee            :  Rs.3000/-