Melt & Pour (Mud & Scrub Soap Making )

The Melt and Pour method is as good for a novice as it is for a professional. The handmade soaps are made from glycerin. The soaps that are purchased from the market have most of the glycerin processed out from them. Therefore, when soap is made at home, there is a great opportunity to create something that is rich in glycerin and soft for skin.


Glycerin is clear and by adding today’s fragrances and colors, beautiful soaps can be created that look great and at the same time, make your skin supple and soft. When glycerin soap is used while bathing, a very fine layer stays on to add more moisture to your skin. Apart from the fragrances, one can also add essential oils to these soaps. The best thing about this technique is that any kind of equipment can be used that is easily accessible for you. The ingredients are available at most of the craft shops. In fact, there are certain courses that include the equipments and ingredients in the course.


If you want a soap that is 100% natural, then this is a great choice. Not only are these soaps cost effective but also very easy to make. You can make soaps for your personal needs and they make for truly creative and unique gifts too. Enjoy the procedure and create mud and scrub soaps that you will cherish with melt and pour technique.


Duration: One Day

Fee: 3000/-