Liquor Chocolates Making Classes

A chocolate flavored with your favorite alcohol

Liquor chocolates are chocolates that have been made out of cocoa beans, they are in liquid form that are later cooled and cut into cubes or different kinds and packed to be sold. Chocolates of all kinds are sold all over the world, while some prefer the dark chocolates more, others prefer the lighter ones. There are various kinds of shapes and sizes and flavor one can add to the chocolate to make it look like the way they want it to. Since chocolates are a delicacy they occupy a large portion in the business world. A number of people indulge in making variety of chocolates and sell them for a greater profit. Many also learn the art so as to add their own twist to it and gift it or just to have it themselves the way they like it to be.


If one puts the question as to what is liquor chocolate? The answer is it pure cocoa mass in liquid form. The cocoa beans are dried, fermented, roasted, and pealed and later grounded with cocoa paste. The complete mass is then melted to become liquid. The liquor is later cooled and then cut into any shapes as per the desire and this is the process on how to make liquor chocolate.


There are various kinds of liquor chocolates such as, rum chocolate, whiskey chocolate and vodka chocolate that have a higher percentage of liquor in them and are consumed largely by people all over the world. There are other types of liquor chocolate moulds that have a filling of certain flavor of alcohol in it. This is widely sold all over and much liked by many. With certain amount of practice this too can be made by one a home.


Chocolates are much loved delicacy all over the world. Not only by youngsters but by older people too. People may have their own favorites but never does anyone hate chocolate and thus it is today come to occupy a huge part in the business world. Many countries have their own specially made chocolates that are unique and available only in that part of the world. So, join our course to learn how to create this delicious thing.