Handmade Soaps –TheBest Option For Skin

Handmade Soaps –TheBest Option For Skin

Ever had a fetish of creating handmade soaps at home in your comfy pajamas? Making soaps is not rocket science, but it is easy, creative and satisfying.

The feeling you taking a bar of your own homemade soap into the bath is a feeling everyone must experience. Whether you are looking at a safer, skin-friendly version for the other commercial soaps in the market or just take soap making as a hobby – you must know it is addictive! Soap making is like baking a cake – every time you bake one you want to keep trying to customize it in various flavors and shapes.

There are various ways to making soaps at home, but once you get hold of the basic process you can start working on it right away.

Soap is nothing but a result of a chemical reaction of fat/oils and lye. One needs to be extremely careful while choosing the right ingredients needed to combine the right fragrance with the essential oils.

The idea should not be of creating another commercial soap at home using organic material, but to create the right one that suits your skin type.

The four ways of making soap at home are melt & pour, cold process, hot process and rebatching each method has its own pros and cons, you must be able to choose the one you are most comfortable with. The art of soap making has its own set of benefits:


  • Ingredients: The utmost reason of making soaps at home is the ingredients. The process includes a combination of vegetable oils, rich antioxidants, vitamins and other nutrients that are essential for a healthy skin.
  • Who does not want a healthy skin free from dryness, itchiness, eczema, acne and other skin problems? Everyone wanting a way out of these skin problems must switch to making their own home made soap.
  • Real soap: The commercial soaps that you use is are a mixture of chemical cocktails that are made of detergents and other disturbing synthetic material that age the skin, cause reactions and sometimes may enter your body in the form of cancer. Real soaps are the ones that are made at home, either you make it yourself or buy it from someone who makes it at home.
  • Glycerin: Commercial soap advertisements show that their soap has added glycerin in it in excessive amounts, but glycerin is supposed to be used while the whole soap making process. Hand made soaps at home is the real deal! It helps retain all the natural glycerin and produces lather incomparable to any other commercial soap can provide.
  • Variety: The best part about homemade soaps is the various options that you can create. Like a particular flavor? Try making soap out of it. We all know that everybody has a different skin type that might not be solved by any other commercial soap. Before creating soaps for yourself you are supposed to understand the skin types and something that would really suit your skin. Also you can create the various types including neem, sandal, rose, lavender, lemon, mint, pumpkin and much more.


Craft & Social Development Organization has established themselves has such a strong organization that guides as well as provide people with the materials for homemade soap making. Apart from providing the best training in soap making, the company also provides various material including soap perfumes, soap aroma oils, base material, etc. Apart from the basic soap making, they also provide training in designer soaps making that can lead you to open up your own business sitting at home.

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