Candle Making Levels

Handcrafted Candle Making Course

Handcrafted Candle Making Course

Handcrafted candle making course

Are you passionate about candles? Do you love making candles? Do you want to display your passion for making candles on a professional platform?

If your answers are in an affirmative, it’s the time to enroll yourself into a course which is entirely dedicated to the art of making and designing different kinds of candles. This course is particularly about the handcrafted candles which are very popular in the markets today. The candles that you will end up learning by this course would be exclusive as well as attractive.

It is the time to embellish your creativity and bringing it a step closer to your goal of projecting your art and passion on to a professional level. This course is all about teaching you to make some of the most beautiful pieces of handcrafted candles. Handcrafted products are appreciated by the people at large and handcrafted candles are the most sought-after show-piece for any sort of decoration. Learn the art of making some of the most beautiful and gorgeous handcrafted candles within the shortest span of time and your art will speak for itself.

Show your creativity of making candles and upgrade it to a level superior. This course is handled by some of the most famous names who are the most learned in the art of making handcrafted candles. Thus, it is time to imbibe some knowledge from these veterans and using it for earning profits. This course includes making the best candles and designing them. This course also includes giving a good finishing to your candles so that they could be beautified. Make the most beautiful and charismatic candles under the supervision of the experts in the field. Use your own creativity and shine on like the light of these candles.

A Curriculum of the course:

The best part of this handcrafted candle making course is that it doesn’t last for months, but only four days. This course of four days can turn you into an expert of making candles by the way of glorifying its designs by the way of using an exclusive art of making various carving as well as handcrafted candles. The following gives an insight into the course:

Log Candles: – You will be taught how to make beautiful and horizontal log candles. The candles such as bamboo log candle, designer log candle, vertical log candle, and woody candle come under this category.

Carving Candle: – Learn more about the carving candles, the introduction to their tools, their design, wax and much more. Use different colors to make them.

Bed of Roses: – Learn how to make roses and set the bed of roses.

Sea – These are the inspired designer candles and include wrap on the seashell, designer seashell, horizontal seashells, sea froth candle, and window seashell candle.Enroll in this course and become a professional candle designer.

Duration: 4 Days

Fee: Rs.12000/-
Timings: 10.00 AM TO 1.00 PM

 All the raw material & handouts would be provided by CSDO.