Growth in Homemade Cosmetics

Growth in Homemade Cosmetics

Homemade Cosmetics

A close look at the human history shows us the important role that cosmetics and other beauty products have played in defining beauty. This trend brought in a huge demand in this industry thus bringing in a wave of competition. Somewhere in the race of achieving more success than the competitors, cosmetic companies have compromised on the quality of their products. Dissatisfaction and the growth of awareness among the consumers have led to the boom of homemade cosmetics.

The homemade cosmetics industry has changed the idea of beauty and has brought in a positive and environment friendly platform. Consumers no more accept the social issues and other gendered beauty standards that surround the cosmetic industry. Health concerns, environmental impact and trust in the products are determining the future of the homemade and organic cosmetic industry.

Today, many consumers choose homemade organic products over other cosmetics that are available in the market. The growth of this industry has been commendable. These products are no longer specific to missionary naturalists. They have become popular among all types of consumers over the past few years. In the year 2015 alone, the sales of these products rose by eight percent. It has only been on the rise ever since.

1. Reason for growth

In the recent times, many studies have brought to light the possible risks and effects of cosmetics on our health and environment. These increasing concerns have boosted the customer preferences and sales of homemade and organic cosmetics. Better channels for distribution and improved products have further led to the market growth in this field. This new market trend has even brought together great business models that work for the betterment of the environment and society.

With the global environmental concerns becoming more severe, the demand for new ethical business practices along with better standards of organic ingredients have also risen. Consumers are also inclining towards natural beauty and products that help enhance them. They demand for complete transparency regarding the ingredients that go into their product. Therefore, going back to the basics of beauty and cosmetics is the only way out.    

This shift of preference towards safer and organic personal care and cosmetics, has led to companies exploring natural cosmetic ingredients. Small businesses that produce basic, authentic and organic products are doing extremely well. Consumers are willing to pay a higher price for such products rather than going for the cosmetics that are loaded with chemicals.

2. Challenges of homemade cosmetic industry

Organic and natural cosmetics have a few small drawbacks too that pose as challenges to those in this business. As all the ingredients that go in are natural, the shelf life of these products is not as long as the other cosmetics. However, many methods are being developed and studied to increase the same. Natural preservatives are often added to extend their shelf life too. The other challenges include, larger companies venturing into the same business labeling their products natural and organic. Many positives do come out of this, like increased availability of raw materials, larger range of safe products and increased awareness among consumers.

However, this also jeopardizes the consumer trust in organic products. It also poses a risk of affecting the balance of the ecosystem because a large number of companies will source their raw materials from nature. Over consumption of these ingredients might lead to huge sustainable problems. However, this is something way into the future. Moreover, many companies have adopted sustainable methods for sourcing natural raw materials. They are also exploring better ways to reduce the carbon footprint and reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide.


As people are increasingly choosing natural and homemade products, it is safe to say that it is profitable to venture into the homemade cosmetics business. If one is interested in making these cosmetics as a hobby, it will not take much to turn it into a successful business.

The homemade and cosmetic industry is different from the other profit-driven businesses as they focus on the importance of natural ingredients, health and the overall wellbeing of the consumer. It supports beauty in a natural and healthy approach.  Therefore, this industry is achieving tremendous growth as it is changing the mindset of the consumers.

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