Get Funding Your Start-Up

Get Funding Your Start-Up

So as you are all set to enter a business, it is necessary that you get funding your start-up from the most reliable source. In India, there are various organisations, investors and government authorities that provide loans and other financial assistance to the start-ups. It is also noted that 80% of the start-up business fail in just starting 2-3 years. The reason is the financial disability.

With the ease of business set up policies by the Indian government, it is now easy for the business owners to raise funds for their new business. The government even provides various subsidies for loan interest and tax rebates to certain companies. Thus, with so many options available for funding today were never possible in early days of the history.

The primary way to get funding your start-up is from friends and family members. For this, you need to have rich friends who can provide you with enough money for a long time for your business setup. For this, you need to be honest with them and aim of returning it within the specified period. Start up competitions is also the best way to get funding your start-up by participating in the event.

Here you need to showcase your business idea and if it is effective, you will be financed from investors. Crowd – Funding is highly suitable for raining small amount of capital. Choose the right platform where you can start the crowd-funding campaign.

If you are confident of your business idea and wish to get funding your start-up from the reliable source with minimum effort, then the small business loan is highly suitable. Some other important sources to raise fund are Angel investors, impact investors, High Net-worth individuals, Accelerators, Incubators, etc.

Every small and big town in India have business associations who help new companies to raise capital at a fixed rate of interest. The main intention of all such organisations and sources of funding is let no business idea die due to the lack of fund. These sources are suitable for both new and existing business to raise necessary finds when required most and repay as per capability.



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