Feng Shui Candles Making Courses

The Chinese mythology about Feng shui candles

Feng shui candles unlike other candles have a certain placement order and are said to be used correctly and placed correctly before use. There is a certain feng shui teaching that says all rooms of one’s household should have a balance of wood, water, metal, fire and earth. This is for the reason explained which says that each element present in the room only nourishes or demolishes another. Having it all in balance will maintain the equilibrium. Using feng shui candle harmonizes the balance in your living room or your house.


What is feng shui candle one might wonder, well the theory says that since fire is an element that is associated with strong feelings, one’s household can be reverberated likewise by using such candles. In case one needs to energize their room with such emotions it is best to use feng shui candles. These candles can be used anywhere and not only in the living room or one’s private rooms, instead they can be used anywhere like dining room or sitting rooms as well, since fire always evokes energy. However, one needs to be sure of putting them out carefully before leaving the place.


Using feng shui candles in the right place is always a best way of revitalizing the energy of your home. Such candles can also be used in children’s room but one needs to be certain of the place it is being kept. Fire can be best used where there is no other fire element present. Like a living room with a fire place does not require a feng shui candle instead using it in other place that is duller will help in bringing the right amount of energy and spark to the place.


According to feng shui which is the Chinese science of interior decor each kind of candle and their colors of feng shui candle have a certain meaning to it and placing it in the right position will only bring goodness and prosperity in a household. There are different ways to deal with the question on how to make feng shui candles; there are a number of ways that one can learn either online or professionally. Since feng shui candles concentrate largely in the power of fire it important to keep that in mind while making it too.