8 Reason – Why to Intake Lotus Seed (Makhana) Everyday

Intake Lotus Seed

Lotus seeds are the part of a healthy diet. Its intake everyday provides several heaths benefits and proves to be the best and spicy snack. Now people are becoming more health conscious and require healthy diet included in their diet. With this, here are 8 important reasons why every individual should add lotus seed in their diet every day.

  • Lotus seeds are low in cholesterol, sodium and fat. With these benefits, this makes it an ideal healthy meal and feed the appetite of an individual.


  • There are several health reasons and benefits associated with everyday intake of lotus seeds. They treat insomnia, good for diabetic patients, heal gum issue, provide instant energy, treat various sexual diseases, provide protein during pregnancy, improves appetite, cures fatty lever and much more.


  • Heals diarrhea – As per the Chinese medicines, lotus seed has a sweet taste that benefits and nourish the diarrhea and spleen. It is highly used to prepare medicines that can cure diarrhea problems and increase the spleen health. As per the research, it also strengthens the digestive system and reduces diarrhea problem.


  • Lotus seeds are beneficial for the people who are suffering from high blood pressure, obesity and heart diseases. They have low sodium and high magnesium contents that treats all these body problems.


  • As per Ayurvedic beliefs, fox nuts possess astringent properties that are highly beneficial for the kidneys and prevent from stone and several kidney infections. Moreover, Ayurvedic and Unani medicine believe that lotus seed has aphrodisiac properties.


  • Lotus seed has flavonoids like quercetin that act as an anti-haemorrhagic and control excessive bleeding.


  • Lotus seeds are very powerful and effective in keeping the heart healthy and fit.


  • Lotus seeds acts as anti-ageing as they slow down the ageing process and repairs damage proteins.



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