Professional Melt & Pour Soap Making Courses (Level 3)

Theoretical part:

  • color wheel
  • introduction to soap bases
  • introduction to soap material
  • introduction to soap perfume and aromatherapy oils
  • introduction to soap color
  • introduction to chunky soaps
  • introduction to soap muds and clays
  • introduction to soap scrubs
  • introduction to soap embedded soaps
  • introduction to soap making machinery
  • marketing and costing of your product

Practical part:

  • making plain and designer soap bars ( cloudy soap, crystalline soap, twinkly soap, double decker cloudy soap, double decker crystalline soap, double decker cloudy & crystalline soap, cloudy and crystalline soap )
  • making  chunky soaps ( bumpy surface soap, bar and slice soap, check board soap, tutti fruity  soap , kiss me soap, scrap soap )
  • making designer chunky soaps ( jelly roll soap, pinwheel soap, celestial  soap, skip a heartbeat soap, popcorn soap, curly soap, rainbow soap )
  • making perfumed and colored soaps
  • making aromatherapy soaps (sandalwood soap, basil soap, peppermint soap, lemon grass soap, eucalyptus soap, blended customized soap )
  • embedding toys and loofahs in your soaps ( jeweled raindrops, living a dream, flower N petal, spring botanical, full embossed toy, froth N bubble, aquatic love, peaceful sins, soap and scrub, half embossed toy )
  • reusing your leftover soaps and using waste soap base ( granite soap )
  • making mud and scrub soaps ( oatmeal soap, clay of multan soap, cinnamon soap, walnut soap, calamine soap )
  • making soaps in bulk for production purposes
  • using soap machines
  • basic and theme packaging for soaps ( Christmas theme, valentine theme, holiday theme, father day, baby shower etc )

Course fees : Rs. 15,000
Course duration : 24 hrs./ 8 days