Professional Cold Process Soap Making Courses (Level 5)

Theoretical part:

  • introduction to soap material
  • introduction to soap perfume
  • introduction to aromatherapy oils
  • introduction to soap color
  • introduction to natural colorants
  • introduction to muds
  • introduction to scrubs
  • introduction to muds
  • introduction to hand milled soaps
  • introduction to designing of cold process soaps
  • introduction to milk soaps
  • introduction to liquor
  • introduction to advance swirl technique of designing
  • introduction therapeutic soaps
  • introduction to herbal soaps
  • to a new soap making technique ( hot process )
  • introduction to soap making machinery
  • introduction to lye and soap recipes
  • making your own soap recipes and calculation of lye
  • what are bath bombs and what are the advantages of making bath bombs
  • what are bath salts and what are the advantages of making bath salts
  • marketing and costing
  • market survey and project report

Practical part:

  • making plain process soap bars ( cocoa butter soap, moisturizing soap, almond soap, cinnamon soap, clove soap )
  • making perfumed and colored soaps ( wheat germ soap )
  • making aromatherapy soaps ( lemongrass soothing soap, neem anti bacterial soap, peppermint calming soap, blended relaxing soap )
  • making mud and clay cold process soaps ( Assamese fantasy soap, clay of multan soap, soothing effect soap )
  • making cold process scrub soaps ( beauty of cassia soap, dip in caffeine soap, coffee grounds soap, nutty fantasy soap  )
  • making soaps with fresh ingredients and juices ( carrot soap, lemon soap, cucumber soap, clove soap, rosemary soap, clay soap, anti bacterial soap, coffee soap )
  • making designer soaps with the help of swirl technique and advance swirl techniques ( swirled heart’s soap, valentine’s soap, cassata swirl soap, lavender swirl soap, triangle swirl soap, spoon effect, soap, wavy soap, rainbow soap, exoticube soap, column pour soap )
  • making beer, wine and other liquor soaps
  • making milk soap
  • making hot process plain and designer soap bars
  • making therapeutic soaps ( anti acne soap , fairness soap, charcoal soap anti wrinkle soap)
  • making herbal soaps ( neem soap, tulsi soap . Five spice soap, minty soap, rosemary soap)
  • making and using bath bombs and bath salts
  • making soaps in bulk for production purposes
  • using soap machines
  • basic and theme  packaging for soaps ( Valentine theme, Christmas theme, Baby shower theme, Holi theme, Father’s Day theme )

Course fees : Rs. 25,000
Course duration : 42 – 50 hours / 14 days