Professional Chocolate Making Courses (Level 4)

Giving chocolate to others is an intimate form of communication and sharing of a deep dark secret . Step into the mouth watering world of chocolates with us and be enchanted with our fillings and truffles and choco deco.

Theoretical part:

  • types of chocolates and choosing of chocolate
  • types of mold and choosing of mold
  • types of essence and choosing of essence
  • knowledge of chocolate making equipments
  • what are moulded chocolates
  • difference between hard centre and soft centre
  • what is truffle and the difference between basic and advance truffle
  • what are liqueur chocolates and how to handle them
  • what are dipped chocolates
  • what are designer chocolates
  • what are centre fillings and types of centre filling
  • what is marzipan and various ways to use marzipan
  • what is fondant and various ways to use fondant
  • what are discs and bars
  • styles of chocolate packing paper and choosing the paper
  • knowledge of chocolate machines
  • knowledge of making chocolates for production purposes
  • do’s and dont’s of chocolate making
  • marketing and costing

Practical part:

  • how to melt chocolate
  • how to temper chocolate
  • practical demonstration of making molded chocolates (plain chocolate bar, flavoured chocolate bar,  dry fruit chocolate bar,  crunchy chocolate bar, butterscotch chocolate bar,   chocolate shells, soft centers ( vanilla, coconut ),  hard centers ( coffee, pineapple ), walnut chocolate bar,  rum N raisin chocolate bar, roasted cashew chocolates, roasted almonds chocolates, roasted pistachio chocolates)
  • practical demonstration of making truffle
  • practical demonstration of making ganache
  • practical demonstration of setting ganache
  • practical demonstration of making balls
  • practical demonstration of dipping balls
  • practical demonstration of decorating truffle balls
  • practical demonstration of making dipped chocolates ( Dutch macaroons, ladies kisses, rocky rode bites, chocolate biscuits, chocolate pie, chocolate Grenoble, peanut point, almond supreme, walnut cluster, true heaven, surprise moment, chocolate pizza )
  • practical demonstration of centre filling ( ganache, hazelnut ganache, vanilla ganache, lemon ganache, caramel )
  • practical demonstration of making marzipan chocolates ( making marzipan, chocolate covered marzipan, pistachio marzipan, marzipan truffle, marzipan flower, perky almond, marzipan chocolates, heart marzipan, walnut marzipan, apricot marzipan, fruit marzipan, basic marzipan )
  • practical demonstration of making fondant chocolates ( how to make fondant, chocolate fondant, butter cube, fondant truffles, walnut fondant, how to color fondant, Ben-hur,  mocha fondant )
  • presentation of truffles
  • practical demonstration making rocks and clusters ( pepperment chcolate sticks, walnut chocolate sticks, chocolate peanut cluster with walnuts, fruit n nutty cluster, coffee cluster with walnuts, chunky cluster, orange cluster, hazelnut cluster, pistachio rocks, butterscotch rocks, cherries in the snow, snow rocks, almond stick, candid peel, butterscotch with candid peal cluster )
  • practical demonstration of discs and bars ( winter forest, blossom trail, aricot bonanza, fruits and nuts slice, colored sand chocolate, luscious orange bar, piece of mirror, pink petals, dark d’lites, candy crisp )
  • practical demonstration of making liqueur chocolate  ( mint liquor, rum liquor, screwdriver, almond liquor, lemon liquor, coffee liquor, chocolate liquor, ginger liquor, cherry liquor, rose cream liquor, piña colada liquor, whiskey liquor, strawberry liquor, grapefruit liquor, mocktail liquor, all yours honey, rose mint liquor, orange colada liquor )
  • presentation of truffles
  • basic packaging of chocolates
  • project report

Course fees : Rs. 20,000
Course duration : 33 hrs./ 12 days